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Mama's Lettin' Go!
United States
Current Residence: 5th Circle of Hell (climbin' up the ladder!)
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, Psychedelic Rock, Showtunes
Favourite photographer: um.....
Favourite style of art: um.....
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: iPod (I love my Lawrence)
Shell of choice: um.....
Wallpaper of choice: um.....
Skin of choice: um.....
Favourite cartoon character: Felix the Cat
Personal Quote: "I sneeze slushies. I won't get too far in life."
thanks leesah!

Age turned this year?
14, a week ago slkdfjlksdjf

Best memory?
Summer Vacation, all of it. especially the cruise!

Worst memory?
I'd rather not say

Did you stay in a relationship?

Great people you met?
New Freddies!

Longest road trip?
17 hours, 7 hours 1 day, 10 the other. heading to florida for the cruise

Best place visited?
every place on the cruise!

Worst place visited?
....i hate to say, but grandparent's

Earned any new names?
not really. Mellow _______ (not saying my last name) and Big Mac ):

Biggest challenge this year?

How many moving violations?

How many parking tickets did you get?

How many subjects did you take?
around 7 or 8, both grades

What were your grades?
More A's than B's

Did you moon a cop?
no.... hlskdjflksjdf

New best friendS?
many! love the freddies!

Person you wish you became closer to?
Caroline ._.

Any awards?
scholarship, governor's thing, grade thing, fake diploma thing, more grade things

Did you sleep through your alarm?
snoozed and then.......but sometimes yes

Did you lose or gain weight?
...gained .___. i hate you

Did you break any bones this year?
tore a tendon, but that's it

Sports played?
volleyball and tennis, ugh

What do you hope for 2009?
friends, improvement in singing, no improvement in art (i'm sick of it, kinda sldfkjslkdfjsdf) and money and grades

New love for food?
some foods

Kiss anyone?
haha for a dare on the cruise

Dance in the rain?
of course

Have you changed?
got fatter, taller, and more cynical

How was your birthday?

Any snow this year?
yes m'am, but not a white christmas

Did you lose any family members?
yes ;;

Did you disappoint anyone close?
Everyone, I bet

Did you sleep under the stars?
YESSS for 5 minutes

Pretend to be happy?
a lot of the time

Did you keep your new years resolution?
I didn't make any

Did you leave the country?

Are you moving in the new year?
i wish

Did you lose anything expensive?
cell phone lskjdfklsjdf

Learn anything new about youreslf?
i'm a cynical, i can commit useless information to memory (pop culture and entertainment encyclopedia for the freddies), i love broadway, and english is my passion

Found out who your true friends were?
big time

Made a change in your life?
i bet

Did you stay up til sunrise?
a lot of the time

Do anything you regret?
of course

Go to any parties?

Make much money?
noooooo slkfdjlksdjf

Did you keep your job?
too young

Did you attend a funeral?
yes ;;

gain any new family members?

get a new car?
not personally, but our family did

develop any health problems?
torn tendon? asthma? anemia?

end up in hospital?
not the hospital, but the doctor's office

attend a concert?
kinda.... BUT I AM NEXT APRIL <3

travel out of state?

read any books?

sign up to facebook?

eat anything that you never had before?

did anyone develop feelings for you?
doubt it

attend church?

favourite day of the year?
Christmas, and leesah can't spell for shit slkjdflksdjf

least favourite day of the year?
valentine's day )::

was 2007 a great year, an average year or a bad year?
average, leaning towards bad and horrible

so yup

i'm a very sad and cynical person lskjdflksdjflksjf
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: Something's Coming
  • Watching: Seinfeld
  • Drinking: Diet Coke

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Thanks for the watch? XD;
Latias-Flyer Jan 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch...

Doggys235... haha, you're the one from SSO right?
haha yup
we used to be good friends actually, before it all got split up in some huge, weird argument between people on SSO
Latias-Flyer Jan 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to know someone still remembers a Latias-Flyer from there.

Really? I left because I didn't feel like drawing on an oekaki anymore.
i still kept in touch with you after that, i'm positive.
but i kind of disappeared after this idiotic fight.
(1 Reply)
my sn comes from my friend ian
I LOVE IT i'm going to keep it forever and stare at it while i eat melted ice cream on tuesday and guess who loves run on sentences SARAH DOES!
no wonder i have an a in english!
DoktorV Dec 20, 2008
Thank you a lot for the watch <33 ;u;
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